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Custom Jewellery and Materials

I create custom jewellery in 18k gold, platinum, and sterling silver. You may pick an opal from the 'Loose Opal' collection or request another gemstone to get it set into jewellery, simply contact me with your ideas I will help you make them come true. 

NOTE: Other desired materials are available upon request. Click any 'Contact me' button for more information, questions, or special requests. 

Personalised Orders

I can cut down stones to suit specific sizing, I can also drill holes for jewellery settings. I can even find specific opal types and colours upon request that may not be visible in the public listings. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any personalised requests, I am here to help. 

Do you sell other opal varieties?

Reasons why I only stock and sell solid natural Australian opal

  • Solid natural Australian opals are the most exquisite and luxurious opal gemstones. 


  • Manufactured opal such as doublets and triplets are thin pieces of opal glued to a synthetic backing to artificially replicate a solid opal essentially consisting of more synthetic material than real opal. 


  • Most Ethiopian and Mexican opals are hydrophane meaning they change colour type and may even crack upon contact with moisture such as sweat and even hand creams.


  • Solid natural Australian opals are not hydrophane and do not require special care and can be worn daily, while swimming, exercising, and sleeping. 


  • Imitation "opal" such as Opalites are artificial (man-made) resins, plastics, glass, and other non-opal materials used to imitate opal's natural beauty and rarity.


  • At Raven Opal, I only produce and source luxury fine goods and services to provide my customers with high-quality masterpieces that are not ordinary or mainstream. 





More details are provided in the 'Opal care' section. 

Care Instructions

Opal Care

Natural Australian opal 

Contrary to popular belief Australian opals are not extremely fragile however a pinch of mindfulness and respect is necessary. Natural Australian opal does not require special care. Water does not affect your natural Australian opal. I recommend you gently clean your opal with a bit of mild detergent, water, and a soft cloth.

Other opal varieties such as Ethiopian, Mexican, manufactured and imitation opal, etc all have special care requirements including avoiding any moisture, hand creams, even and sweat. We only sell solid Australian opals due to this.  

Jewellery Care

Sterling silver, gold, and platinum jewellery can be cleaned with warm soapy water by gently scrubbing your jewellery with a soft brush or cloth. (do not use ultrasonic cleaners with opal)



Opal Pricing

The opal pricing is based on 6 main criteria; clarity, carat, colour pattern, colour, opal type, and brightness.

CLARITY: the purity of opal is measured by the number and prominence of inclusions consisting of sand or colourless opal. (generally, the fewer inclusions the higher the price)

CARAT: weight of the stone (generally the price increases as the weight increases).

COLOUR PATTERN: opal colour patterns vary drastically in rarity and appearance. (rarer patterns result in higher pricing)

COLOUR: colours play a significant role in the process of determining the value of opal, as a rule of thumb red is one of the rarest and most expensive colours however unique combinations of colour will also contribute to the value. 

OPAL TYPE: the main opal types include: white/ light opal, crystal opal, black opal, and boulder opal. The origin of the opal plays a role in the type of opal for example Lighting Ridge, NSW is known for black opal, Coober Pedy, SA is known for crystal opal and Outback QLD is known for boulder opal. (generally, the dark based opals are worth more than the lighter based opals however the categories mentioned previously impact the pricing significantly)

BRIGHTNESS: the brightness refers to the intensity of the opal's colour on a scale consisting of  SUBDUED - MODERATELY BRIGHT - BRIGHT - VERY BRIGHT -VIVID. Subdued being the least and vivid the most bright. 

Bulk Purchasing and Memberships

Discounted prices will be applied for large quantity orders and for those customers that have accumulated purchases valued at greater than $10,000.

VIP memberships are invite-only and require an undisclosed amount of purchases for the privacy of our existing members. VIP members will have access to a separate selection of opals valued at up to $300,000. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I am here to help. 

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